Thousands of college students walked to the presidential house in the Plaza de Bolivar and stood in complete silence for over an hour in peaceful protest to end the war.
  Different indigenous groups who   have been victims of the terrorist attacks the FARC has done to the country over the years marched along with groups of   college students asking for   peace.
  Two Colombian citizens  were dressed up  in costume as the two most important politicians who represent the   plebiscite for peace in Colombia: Juan Manuel Santos (right), current president of Colombia, who is also   in favor   of the deal the government made with the FARC, and Alvaro Uribe (left), former president of Colombia, represents the Colombians who are against the deal.
 People from all ages came to support the protest. 
  Colombian college students peacefully protested in downtown Bogota.
 Thousands of people protested for peace downtown Bogota.
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